Fogging and Electrostatic Treatment

1 - This process has been used and tested within the NHS sector and many more facilities.  Our product is a Swiss patented chemical, a high grade NHS Approved Sanitising Disinfectant.  All work will be certified to an NHS standard once work has taken place.

2 - Our process is proven to kill Covid-19, Flu Virus, E Coli, D Difficile, MRSA, Salmonella, Legionella, Fungal and Mould Spores and many other Pathogens.

3 - 100% Environmentally Friendly, the vapour fully evaporates and operations can return to the working environment after 40 minutes.  As the treatment fully evaporates there is no wiping involved and no cross contamination.

4 - Our Electrostatic spraying process reaches all exposed surfaces within the room and therefore can be much more effective than traditional deep cleaning.

5 - Fast, Non-Messy application that is safe for humans, animals and plants.  This treatment is suitable for all size rooms/spaces.

6 - Safe to use on electrical equipment such as keyboards, computers and monitors etc.

7 - Successfully used in Schools, Care homes, Hospitals, Offices, Residential, Restaurants, Public Transport, Medical Facilities, Custodial Centres, Vets, Aircraft.

8 - Accredited - NHS, NHS Scotland, NAMSA, Drager Safety, Clinical Research Lab, Bioscience Lab and many more.

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